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NEW CLASSES in  junior Modern  Dance , beginners Tap( chlidren) and Adult Ballet - shall be scheduled this term .


Cultural Centre -Registration from 1.00p to 3.00p Saturday 9th September 2017

Harmony Marina Suites 9.30a-12.30p- Saturday 9th September 2017

REGISTRATION closes-: Last day -: Friday  15th September 2017

Vieuxfort  Registration on 12th September from 3.00pm to 6.00pm at the Vieuxfort Town Hall next to the Library.

Classes in Choiseul and Soufriere to be announced shortly.

Can Register/Enroll  on line at( payments made at the office by appointment or at class venue)


Classes begin on SATURDAY 16th September 2017


NEW Classes -Modern Dance at Harmony Marina Suites  and the CulturalCentre

                                                                                            Tap  for  beginners-children( Tap shoes are supplied)

                                                                ADULT BALLET-(the mature adult with little to no back ground in dance)


Presentation of certificates for all exam students -Classical Ballet Examinations -100% Pass- to be announced at the commencement of classes.

DANCE WORKSHOP-conducted by Weslyn Stephens. BA in Dance and Anthropology  ( Past student of the school) a great success! Ms. Stephens shall be returning next summer to conduct sessions in contemporay Dance .






Sorry, we have no upcoming events at the moment, please check the site daily for updates.