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"As a mother of two dancers at Momentum, I have been thrilled to see the enthusiasm in my daughters! My older daughter, from the academy's beginning, has been eager to participate in every class she can (ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern, etc. etc.).
An exciting moment for me came when, very early on, she announced, "I really like Mrs. Moss as a teacher, Mom, because I am learning so much in my ballet class. I am learning not just the way to do the steps but the names of all of them, too." She and one of her close friends are very enthusiastic about the "classical" instruction, as her friend stated, they receive in ballet. My daughter doesn't even mind all the bar work!!

They are impressed with the emphasis on learning the fundamentals of dance in all their other classes, as well. When my younger daughter (4 yrs. old) became skiddish about practicing for the performance, Mrs. Moss was patient and pleasantly persistant. It paid off; she was happy and eagerly performed in the year-end performance. Our family is quite pleased about Momentum. We highly recommend it and its great teachers and staff"
~~~ Lorraine Williams (Sponsor)
"My daughter knew Mrs. Moss was a great dance teacher and had a caring heart; but she still agonized over whether to leave her old studio of several years, and her friends there. I let her think it through on her own, one of the first big life decisions she's handled alone.

All that weighing of pros and cons has more than paid off for her. She knew within a few lessons that this was her "home" for ballet. Mrs. Moss really pushes her, but this makes my daughter feel so proud of her new achievements. There is wonderful structure and discipline, but combined with the right amount of love and empathy, I am truly grateful that my daughter has Mrs. Moss in her life.

There is also a sense of decorum that I sincerely appreciate as a parent, and that makes Momentum stand out from the rest -- dance for dance's sake, the true art form.

We thank Mrs. Moss and Mrs. Thatcher, and their husbands, for the vision and the courage, and many long hours they've given to make this studio happen."
~~~ Sourav Roy (Parents)