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Uniform Description for Class Student


Students must be in FULL UNIFORM – No Jewelry
                                                                No. Wristwatches

Ballet Shoes must be scrubbed clean and also ribbons. DO NOT PLACE SHOES IN WASHING MACHINE. Use a nail brush and clean only on the outside of the shoe. Do not wet the shoes only moisten.

Pre Primary, Primary, Grade I, Grade II, Grade VI and VII wear elastic on the Ballet Shoes.
Grade III, Grade IV, Grade V and the Vocational Grades wear RIBBONS. (Pale pink satin ½” wide)

TIGHTS - Pale Pink-compulsory for Grade 4 and up.
                  Optional from Grade 1- Grade 3.

HAIR – For all PRE PRIMARY STUDENTS - styled into “Bunches”-
parted at the back and down the centre, then gather in two high ponytails
with WHITE ribbon not more than 1inch wide.

HAIR - For PRIMARY, GRADE I up to the ADVANCED Syllabus
Vocational must be styled in a “BUN” off the back of the neck and away
from the face. NO ribbons or other hair accessories must be visible