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Blessings are upon you and your family! “we dance to enhance our island with the  Spirit of excellence”, calls us to a ministry in dance in service of God and country.

It is with pride and humility that we report that our students have again responded to that call by achieving excellent results in this year’s examinations under the accreditation of the internationally recognised dance examination Boards , the Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperia



'The Summer was long and the children had fun but it's back to work ,lets go ,let's run!!!!'

Congratulations  100% Pass in  MODERN THEATRE DANCE and CLASSICAL BALLET.- DISTINCTUIONS and MERITS well earned

Please see events for details on PRESENTATION of CERTIFICATES   and AWARDS.

The Formal REGISTRATION DAY will be on SATURDAY 14th SEPTEMBER  at  Harmony Suits Hotel  9.30a to 12.30p&nb

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Created to create ,to prosper and to live forever.

What better way than dancing our way to awakening and discovery, for it shall never end.

Another year is here.A year of breakthrough!

The dance school year runs concurrently with the academic school year and thus is divided into three terms. Dance fees cover a term’s tuition and are payable in advance. Fees are dependent on the level of study and the frequency of classes